Parenting: Are We Getting a Raw Deal?

Hitting the nail on the head.


12711307_10206480078338131_5829653117437408897_oSummer 1974. I’m 9 years old. By 7:30 am, I’m up and out of the house, or if it’s Saturday I’m up and doing exactly what my father, Big Jerry, has told me to do. Might be raking, mowing, digging holes, or washing cars.

Summer 2016. I’m tiptoeing out of the house, on my way to work, in an effort not to wake my children who will undoubtedly sleep until 11 am. They may complete a couple of the chores I’ve left in a list on the kitchen counter for them, or they may eat stale Cheez-its that were left in their rooms 3 days ago, in order to avoid the kitchen at all costs and “not see” the list.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re getting a raw deal where this parenting gig is concerned. When did adults start caring whether or not their kids were safe, happy, or popular?…

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Ulster – The Zionist Delusion



Jewry’s unwitting puppets….

Over past decades both sides in the Ulster conflict have looked overseas for inspiration support for their respective struggles, Sinn Fein/IRA have forged real links with African, Latin America & Middle East Leftist Revolutionaries, such links have ensured economic, political and military support for their campaign. The ANC, SWAPO, PFLP/PLO & ETA have all featured at Sinn Fein’s AGM’s, paramilitary training provided by Arab countries & training provided by PIRA for their drug dealing comrades in the Columbian FARC.

Loyalism has been less successful with friendly noises toward the former Republic of S. Africa & Rhodesia as well as the Confederate States of America, such gestures were largely symbolic and somewhat one-sided. There was certainly sympathy for the Whiteman’s cause on the African continent given the nature of their executioners, their fraternal, well-documented links with SF/IRA as well as the bonds of blood between these kindred peoples.


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List of Reasons to Believe in God

Last Eden

So a Twitter friend of mine sent me this recently:

Believe IN

Which of course consisted in a large blank space.

Cute, but a non sequitur, and for fairly straightforward reasons:

1. Science studies nature. God, by definition, is beyond nature (φύσις): τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικὰ (meta ta phusika) to put it in Greek. That is to say, any reasoning which provides a demonstration of the existence of God will properly belong to the domain of metaphysics, not to the domain of physics or science.

2. Logic, taken by itself, is a purely formal discipline and cannot provide reason to believe in the existence of anything. The most logic can do is prove a negative existential by proving a concept to be self-contradictory—and even here this is possible only because the law of noncontradiction is a metaphysical truth. That is, it is an axiom of logic…

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Panama Papers: Revealing details live in the gaps between the lines


by Kit

Pictured: NATO Heads of State and their ally, the King of Saudi Arabia Pictured: NATO Heads of State and their ally, the King of Saudi Arabia

Certain species of lizard – when threatened, cornered or in danger of being eaten – have the ability to “drop” their tail. This process, “Autotomy” (from the Greek, auto=self, tome=severing), enables the lizard to flee whilst the predator gets a brief distraction and small meal. The lizard survives. Tails grow back.

A simple, efficient survival method. The body ejects a replaceable part in protection of the vital whole. Easily adapted for the “Grand Chess Board”. Pinochet, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein. All have played their part, only to be dropped when it became convenient. Despots and puppets grow back, too.

The Panama Papers broke, yesterday. Dozens of MSM outlets joined together in echoing this startling piece of investigative journalism: Rich people avoid paying their taxes. I know, I was shocked too.

Most of the…

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